Communicating your big idea should be simple.


You want to shout about it from the rooftops...or just finally write that website. But somehow your passion and personality don't quite make it to the page.

It's time for you to focus on building your business. Let me take care of articulating it. Through an in-depth process that's part research and part creative magic, we'll clarify your brand's true identity and communicate it directly to your audience.

The result? Easy decision-making, messaging that drives conversions and the freedom to do the work you love.

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brand BOOK

Great branding creates a roadmap for running your business. Imagine having a custom, comprehensive guide that defines your brand values, personality, key story elements and more!

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Once your brand identity is ready for launch, we'll develop original, persuasive copy for your brand's most important touch points, from your website to product descriptions to customer service templates.


In my clients' words...



"Theresa is an amazing writer and I’m in awe of her talent. A wizard of words. She did an amazing job of consolidating so much rich info in a concise but meaningful way in our branding guide, sales page copy as well as marketing emails.  Theresa excellently encapsulated what we offer our clients and articulated our values, programs and our community in a way that exudes warmth, the importance of relationships, shared knowledge and that our community is business focused yet inviting — all things that align with our core values.

She did an amazing job of summing up exactly how I feel and she used interesting and engaging words to do so; sparking interaction, customer stories, humorous anecdotes an balancing work and play. I really enjoyed working with Theresa and think she’s extremely talented.  I look forward to working with her again down the road.”