Brand Voice Strategist & Copywriter

custom brand book

Investment begins at $1,150

Consumers want more than a product or service. They want a spark. To foster that personal connection with your audience, you have to give your brand a multi-dimensional identity. Together, we'll establish your brand's purpose, values, personality (and way more) to make communicating, delegating and selling a breeze.


  • You work so hard in your business that you lose sight of the larger vision and purpose
  • You struggle to see your brand from the perspective of your target audience
  • You avoid creating content because it takes forever and never sounds quite right (hello, delete key!)
  • You lie awake at night debating big decisions, then still feel uncertain once they're made



When I am working on new product descriptions – or anything I have to write, really – I keep what I have named my "Branding Bible" open on my desk so I can refer back to my word springboard and writing samples. It's been very helpful on new product listings and blog posts, and I am much more confident with my brand voice than before. I actually have clear guidelines now on what to say and how to say it, they are like my brand colors with rules I can follow. Theresa was wonderful to work with and I have nothing but nice glowing things to say!





Investment begins at $450

Writing about yourself and your ideas is hard. Really, really hard. It's time for you to focus on what you do best. Let us create smart, fresh website content; an informative onboarding guide to impress your clients; or - deep breath - that bio you've been working on forever. One-time projects and monthly retainers available.


  • You have too many tasks on your to do list – spending hours re-writing your website simply isn't an option
  • You've spent hours staring down a blank page or cringing as you read through content that sounds stiff and robotic
  • You're not sure how to write content that actually converts browsers into buyers
  • You want content that stands out from the over-used industry templates and actually sounds like you



Writing copy will leave me with a stomach in knots – I've always been extremely insecure about my writing. I will edit my Facebook statuses 10-15 times after I've already hit publish. It was so nice to have Theresa take my blah ideas, thoughts, and works and turn them into something amazing! It was such a relief.

I think she completely understands the concept of writing "familiar" copy rather than writing something that comes off like a robot wrote it. Theresa put my mind really at ease, kept me from having anxiety stomachaches, and listened to any changes I wanted to make!