A little about Theresa.


You know that long-term, sustainable success you're working like crazy to achieve?

Having a consistent, defined brand identity is the key.

Hey there! I'm Theresa – a brand strategist, creativity enthusiast, dog mom, desert dweller and Ravenclaw.

When I first got started, I dove headfirst into all things marketing – graphic design, photography, event planning, social media, public relations, and, of course, branding and copywriting. I love it all, in the nerdiest way possible. But I quickly realized that brand identity and communication is just where it’s at for me. It’s where my logical brain and creative nature find the perfect intersection.

And all that is major good news for your biz, because that experience enables me to take a holistic approach to your brand and measure results from a technical and a creative perspective. In other words, it won’t just sound nice. It'll work!

As your brand strategist, I’ll sift through your ideas, inspirations and goals to identify and articulate what’s essential to your growing business.

My clients are creatives and shop owners looking to stand out in a super saturated market; event professionals that need to create an instant connection with potential clients online; and hospitality entrepreneurs building irresistible destination brands.

When I'm not converting your genius ideas into solid gold messaging, here's where you can find me...

  • running Creative Tribe, monthly workshop series for women to gather offline, foster their creativity and build relationships,
  • planning my day around the food I'm going to eat,
  • snuggling my dogs while watching Harry Potter for the 2,5902 time.