Hi. Welcome! I'm Theresa and I'm a word nerd. I'm also a brand strategist, creative entrepreneur, dog mom and desert dweller.

When I got started in the branding industry, I immersed myself in every component. But I quickly realized that brand identity and communication is just where it’s at for me. It’s where my logical business brain and creative nature find the perfect intersection. It would be the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning – if my dogs hadn’t already mastered that task.

I work with clients that are inspired by their work. They appreciate a collaborative, hands-on approach. And they are great at what they do.

Because they are smart, talented experts, they recognize that they should focus on doing those tasks they do so well. That's why they hire me to take care of articulating their brand pillars, establishing a distinct voice, and writing a killer website.

My clients are:

  • Designers, photographers, artists and shop owners looking to stand out in a saturated market
  • Event planners, florists and caterers that need to create an instant connection with potential clients online
  • Chefs, restaurateurs and tourism professionals building an irresistible destination brand

If you're looking to build a brand that you are proud to represent everyday, one that supports your business as it grows – you're in the right place.