In my clients' words...


Tradeshow Bootcamp

"Theresa is an amazing writer and I’m in awe of her talent. A wizard of words. She did an amazing job of consolidating so much rich info in a concise but meaningful way in our branding guide, sales page copy as well as marketing emails.  Theresa excellently encapsulated what we offer our clients and articulated our values, programs and our community in a way that exudes warmth, the importance of relationships, shared knowledge and that our community is business focused yet inviting — all things that align with our core values. She did an amazing job of summing up exactly how I feel and she used interesting and engaging words to do so; sparking interaction, customer stories, humorous anecdotes an balancing work and play. 

I really enjoyed working with Theresa and think she’s extremely talented.  I look forward to working with her again down the road.”


Lauren Quinn Ward, Owner

"I hired Theresa for Brand Identity Development, some boiler plate copy, and my about page. When I am working on new product descriptions – or anything I have to write, really – I keep what I have named my "Branding Bible" open on my desk so I can refer back to my word springboard and writing samples. It's been very helpful on new product listings and blog posts, and I am much more confident with my brand voice than before. I actually have clear guidelines now on what to say and how to say it, they are like my brand colors with rules I can follow.

Theresa was wonderful to work with and I have nothing but nice glowing things to say!"


Bridgitte Brooks, Co-Founder
City Celebrations

"Writing copy will leave me with a stomach in knots – I've always been extremely insecure about my writing. I will edit my Facebook statuses 10-15 times after I've already hit publish. It was so nice to have Theresa take my blah ideas, thoughts, and works and turn them into something amazing! It was such a relief.

I think she completely understands the concept of writing "familiar" copy rather than writing something that comes off like a robot wrote it. Theresa put my mind really at ease, kept me from having anxiety stomachaches, and listened to any changes I wanted to make!"


Kate Whelan, Owner and Senior Event Consultant
Kate Whelan Events

"I knew I needed to hire a professional and I'm so glad I did. It was easier to have some one else elaborate on how amazing KWE is without having to wax poetic about my own company and process. Some of my more recent leads have mentioned some of the copy in their responses, so I'm happy that they are reading it and responding positively."

Melinda Livsey1square.jpg

Melinda Livsey, Owner & Lead Designer
Marks & Maker

"I was hesitant on hiring a copywriter because I was worried the copy would sound like someone else and not me. I loved how Theresa took what I said in our discovery call and questionnaire and was able to translate that into copy that describes me and my business. The style and voice that she used fit my brand perfectly. I feel that she really listened and understood what I wanted to communicate.

Hiring her to write the copy took a huge burden off my shoulders. I communicate through design more than words... so working with Theresa enabled me to concentrate on what I do best. I was able to move on to the other things I need to get done to launch my business. Theresa is someone who can be trusted to get the job done. I have confidence that I could give her any project and she'd surpass my expectations and deliver amazing content."

Raven Joiner, Owner
Raven J. Events

"Theresa asked the right questions to capture the spirit and personality of me and my brand, and the types of clients I want to work with. The communication and feedback were great, I highly recommend her services to potential clients. She understood what I wanted to communicate and got it right on the first draft." 


Austin Peterson, CEO
Palmetto Derma

"Our experience with Theresa was excellent! Theresa was extremely thorough and thoughtful in her questions to collect a clear picture about our company before jumping into creating our project. She had an amazing grasp on who we are and what we wanted to say to our audience. She followed through with the entire scope of the project in the exact timeline that she had projected. We couldn't be any happier and will be coming back to her for all of our copywriting work!"

Gabriella Taylor, Owner
Gabriella Taylor Coaching

"Theresa over-delivered by sharing her overall wisdom in [the branding] arena. Communication is clear and simple. I felt like she knew what she doing, so I could relax - she also let me lead, while she guided the boat. I love what we have come up with. I just appreciate her honor and integrity. She is solid, earthy, trustworthy and honest. Plus - she has great style!"


Laura Ahern, Lead Planner
Accent on Events

"My experience with Theresa was excellent. We spoke several times about the copy I needed for a new website design and she was able to articulate my thoughts exactly as I wanted to the online world. She was able to come up with the proper flow of words. She followed up in a timely manner and was very detailed in her communication. I would recommend Theresa to anyone that needs any assistance with copywriting."


Heather Kirks, Co-Owner
Hedoe Paper

"Theresa really finds out what your brand is, how it relates to the ideal customer and how to bridge the two together. She's a pleasure to work with!"


Adam Lehrman, Owner
Tucson Foodie

"While I must take a small amount of credit in helping hone Theresa into the phenomenal writer she is, the talent was there from the get go. She has written countless articles for Tucson Foodie (actually, it’s in the hundreds).

Her industry knowledge spans food and beverage, technology, marketing, photography, and entrepreneurship. Anyone needing copywriting in one of these fields would not be remiss to take advantage of her skills."