Communicating your ideas is hard.

Especially as audiences get better and better at tuning out messages. Bottom line? The way you deliver information has to change. We’re entrepreneurs in an experience economy – old school sales speak no longer gets through.

A loyal audience is built through brand storytelling, personality and shared values.

Branding touches every corner of your business, from your logo to your website design to your internal systems. We know it’s immensely important, but it can also feel impossibly overwhelming. I’m here to simplify the process, provide clarity and give you a guide that'll help you build a remarkable brand. 


BRAND Development

Through a strategic brand identity, we'll give your business a clear mission, values, a compelling personality, key messaging and a roadmap for decision-making.



We'll develop original, persuasive copy for your brand's most important touch points, from your website to customer service templates to promotional postcards.


Content Editing

If your existing content just needs a little sprucing, we'll edit it to ensure it clearly communicates your brand, compels your audience to take action, and meets industry standards.


"I was hesitant on hiring a copywriter because I was worried the copy would sound like someone else and not me. The style and voice that Theresa used fit my brand perfectly.

Hiring her to write the copy took a huge burden off my shoulders. I was able to move on to the other things I need to get done to launch my business. Theresa is someone who can be trusted to get the job done. I have confidence that I could give her any project and she'd surpass my expectations and deliver amazing content."

Melinda Livsey
Owner & Lead Designer, Marks & Maker