Copywriting & Editing

There is a lot of noise out there about what you need to be successful. But there is one undisputed element: communication.

More specifically, words. Words that are combined in just the right way, in the proper place, strung together to impact a specific group of people. Not as simple, right? Let's face it. Writing about yourself and your ideas is hard. Really, really hard. It's time for you to focus on what you do best: running your business.

I will help you uncover your brand's fundamental stories and proceed to lay them out in neat, readable lines. We can create smart, fresh website content, an informative on-boarding guide to impress your clients or - deep breath - that about page you've been working on forever.

If you already have content but it's not resonating or your brand has outgrown it, we can polish it up to make sure your audience is receiving the right messages.



  • Website copy
  • Product description
  • Packaging copy
  • Promotional material copy
  • Book copy & line editing
  • Course material copy & line editing
  • Brand messaging plan
  • Content creation
  • Content editing
  • Messaging strategy
  • Consultancy


This if for you if:

  • You have too many tasks on your to do list – spending hours re-writing your website simply isn't an option
  • You're not sure how to communicate with your audience in a way that speaks directly to them
  • Writing isn't your strong suit and you want to focus on those tasks that require your expertise
  • You want to build a brand that is distinct from your personality, but you're not sure what (or who) it should sound like
  • More often than not, you end up staring down a blank page or cringing as you read through paragraphs that sound stiff, robotic and so not you

"I knew I needed to hire a professional and I'm so glad I did. It was easier to have some one else elaborate on how amazing KWE is without having to wax poetic about my own company and process. Some of my more recent leads have mentioned some of the copy in their responses, so I'm happy that they are reading it and responding positively."

Kate Whelan, Owner and Senior Event Consultant, Kate Whelan Events