Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

from 25.00


5:30 at Connect Coworking

The economy is changing. Millennials now make up over 1/4 of the population, "content is king", and people are looking to invest in brands that offer authenticity, foster trust and provide experiences. As audiences get better and better at seeing through sales techniques and old school marketing speak, the way you deliver information has to change.

Consumers don’t connect with your product anymore. They connect with your identity and what matters to you. And you have to sell that to them.

How do successful brands elevate their communication to achieve these goals? A strategic brand voice.

In this two-part class, you will...

PART ONE – July 14

  • Take a look at how great brands are using words to conquer their markets and become industry leaders.
  • Learn how to articulate your mission and vision, define your values, and create targeted audience personas.

PART TWO – July 21

  • Establish your brand's personality attributes and learn how they inform your point-of-view, language and tone.
  • Understand how your mission, vision, values, audience personas and company culture come together to create a consistent, honest and appealing voice.

While I highly encourage attending both sessions, you can purchase a seat at individual sessions for $25.

Don't worry, snacks are included either way!