Brand Identity Development


Consumers want more than a product or service. They want a connection. An experience that delights. To cultivate the loyalty and adoration that stems from personal connection, you have to treat your brand as a person with more than just a pretty face. You must give it a mission, goals, values and personality.

When applied to your messaging, this foundation instantly lets your audience know what kind of experience they can expect from your company. Are you fun, outgoing and positive? Are you smart, inquisitive and helpful?

Through a collaborative, workshop-style process, we'll lay a strong foundation for your brand to prepare for a sustainable future.

This is for you if:

  • Being so close to your business causes you to lose sight of the larger vision and purpose
  • You struggle to see your brand objectively – and from the perspective of your target audience
  • If someone were to ask what your brand stands for, you wouldn't know what to say
  • When asked to describe your business, your mind suddenly goes blank or offers a seriously lacking answer
  • You're not sure how to communicate much at all from the perspective of your brand
  • You're not sure who your target audience is and how to reach them


"Writing copy will leave me with a stomach in knots – I've always been extremely insecure about my writing. I will edit my Facebook statuses 10-15 times after I've already hit publish. It was so nice to have Theresa take my blah ideas, thoughts, and works and turn them into something amazing! It was such a relief.

I think she completely understands the concept of writing "familiar" copy rather than writing something that comes off like a robot wrote it. Theresa put my mind really at ease, kept me from having anxiety stomachaches, and listened to any changes I wanted to make!"

Bridgitte Brooks, Co-Founder, City Celebrations

YOUr brand identity guide will include:

  • An articulated mission statement to represent the core purpose of your brand
  • Defined core strengths and values to steer your decision-making
  • Outlined brand personality attributes and an understanding of how they inform your point-of-view, language and tone
  • A brand benefits and brand promise overview
  • Clarity around the stories, messaging and goals that will drive your brand's success
  • A full breakdown of your brand's voice, including communication goals, defined key terminology, and a word springboard for content creation