To foster trust and brand affinity within the hearts and minds your audience, you must be consistent. In your messaging, in your stories, and in your style. Whether you write all of your own content, outsource it or delegate to a multi-person staff, the only way to maintain your identity and voice is with easy to follow guidelines.

With a custom Brand Voice Guide, you will never have to sit and mull over a tweet, newsletter or email again, wondering if it is appropriate for your brand. Your guide will serve as a reference to help make writing for your brand a breeze for you and your team.

This is for you if:

  • When you sit down to write, you feel like you're staring down a brick wall
  • Your current messaging isn't resonating with your audience
  • When you look at all your outreach efforts, the individual pieces don't sound like the same person
  • You are building a personal brand, but your website, emails and captions don't sound like you
  • You want to build a brand that is distinct from your personality, but you're not sure what (or who) it should sound like
  • You want to delegate communication, marketing and customer service tasks without the back-and-forth of endless revisions and explanations
  • You get held up when writing content for your business because you're not sure what the end goal is


"Theresa really finds out what your brand is, how it relates to the ideal customer and how to bridge the two together. She's a pleasure to work with!"

Heather Kirks, Co-Owner, Hedoe Paper


  • Outlined brand personality attributes and an understanding of how they inform your point-of-view, language and tone
  • Clarity around the stories, messaging and goals that will drive your brand's success
  • A full breakdown of your brand's voice, including communication goals, defined key terminology, and a word springboard for content creation
  • Copy examples for common communication situations with explanations for word choice, tone and structure
  • In-depth, tailored instructions on grammar rules, formatting and how to write specifically for the online world