10 Surprising Words You Should Not Use To Describe Your Brand
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You know the old adage: show, don't tell.

It's one thing to share the adjectives below internally as attributes or values that your company aspires to. But describing your business with them directly to your audience is kind of like using them in a job interview. Not exactly convincing, and you risk coming across as cocky or in-genuine.

Treat your audience like a hard-hitting interviewer and let your actions speak for themselves. It'll build confidence in your brand and make it more relatable. Win, win!


...instead, willingly share your resources with your audience, and partner with a charity whose mission aligns with your values.

take notes from: warby parker -or- Rising Tide Society



...instead, think about what matters to your customers and integrate meaningful touch points into your process.

take notes from: trader joes -or- Southwest Airlines



...instead, embrace transparency and show your audience that there's no curtain between your private and public persona.

take notes from: Everlane -or- buffer



...instead, loop stakeholders into your decision-making, and partner with other organizations to make something bigger and better than what you could accomplish on your own.

Take notes from: target -or- Spotify



...instead, talk about how your products or services disrupt traditional ideas and change lives. 

Take Notes From: salesforce.com -or- adobe



...instead, use facts and client stories to share your success, listen to your audience, and be upfront when things don't go according to plan.

take notes from: Ben & Jerrys -or- Chipotle



...instead, show your audience that you live and breathe your work because there's a greater purpose behind it.

take notes from: Nike -or- Apple



...instead, ask thought-provoking questions, share research and foster conversation to demonstrate your quest for understanding.

take notes from: google -or- Tesla



...instead, consistently deliver high-quality products and an exceptional experience to your audience.

Take Notes from: Nordstrom -or- rolls royce



...instead, tap into your audience's lifestyle aspirations and co-brand with trending organizations and influencers in other industries.

take notes from: Outdoor Voices -or- Beats by dre

p.s. this GIF explains it better than I ever could.

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