How To Create a Brand Voice Cheat Sheet (+ a Free Template!)

If you've ever stared down your screen, stuck on writing a product description or Instagram caption – you're not alone. We each may know our business better than anyone, but coming up with original, compelling content on the reg is no easy feat. Keeping it on brand all the time, too? Yeah...not happening. 

But there's a way to break through the writer's block and consistently create content that serves your brand and your audience. This little secret is a quick, abbreviated reference guide for writing on the spot – I call it a Brand Voice Cheat Sheet. Here's a sample of what to include!

Brand Lexicon

This is your brand's mini-dictionary. Include keywords that are specific, uncommon or unique to your company and should not be replaced by alternatives. Be sure to use the right capitalization and punctuation!

Brand Name: Jane Smith Designs

Brand Name Abbreviation(s): JS Designs


  • JS Shop
  • JS Coaching

People that purchase from us: 

  • Clients (JS Designs, JS Coaching)
  • Customers (JS Shop)


  • Hey, girlfriend!
  • Oh, hi there!
  • Hey you,


  • 'Til next time, gals.
  • I'm off!
  • Cheers,

Signature Phrases:

  • Here's the deal

  • Reality check!

  • Spoiler alert

  • Wine, anyone?

  • Fri-YAY

Brand Buzzwords

These are words that fit your brand to a tee, but should not be over-used at risk of watering down their impact.


Word Springboard

These are words related to your buzzwords to help when you’re writing. They describe the overall feeling you want to convey as you speak as a representative of your brand. Words in bold are keywords, that you don’t want to overuse, while those that are a lighter shade are related and can be used at will.

deliver assist help serve provide support
handmade DIY crafted created designed handcrafted
experienced skilled professional expert qualified
candid true natural real quirky honest genuine sincere
purposeful passionate intentional thoughtful deliberate careful
smart time-saving practical realistic useful efficient affordable
value helpful significant quality investment beneficial

Style & Grammar Specifics

Highlight style and grammar nuances that come up frequently, or those that differ from the norm for your brand.

Dates and time:

  • Monday, Jan. 1 (no "nd" or "st")
  • 10 am (no periods)

Telephone numbers: 123.456.7890 (dots, no spaces)

Signature Emojis:

  • 😍

  • 🍾

  • 💡

  • 🌿

Check out the Google Doc Template below for more ideas on what to include in these sections!

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