Brand Voice Inspiration: Noteworthy Examples From Top Brands



Justin's brand voice is conversational, confident and unabashed. All of their messaging is packed with personality – you can practically hear this product description being said aloud as you read it.

By Regina


Regina has made a name for herself by providing value-packed content for her venerable army of fans. And her consistent voice is a large contributor to her reputation as a trustworthy expert! It's approachable, candid and authoritative without being patronizing.



Pencils of Promise is a nonprofit that's doing just about everything right. Their clearly defined brand voice is optimistic, community-focused and to the point. They keep things short and bold, rather than adding extraneous words.


Target's brand voice is upbeat, celebratory and friendly. They don't shy away from playful banter and take advantage of opportunities to use emojis!

Chasing paper


When your brand voice permeates all of your communication outlets, even seemingly mundane information becomes interesting. Chasing Paper spices up their FAQ section with cheery, helpful responses that entertain and inform.



Kate Spade's brand voice encompasses everything we love about their overall business model: whimsy, cheer and a little sass. The use of all lowercase is a style signature, and perfectly complements their casual tone.

Taco Bell

I know. Taco Bell? But seriously - they're dominating Social Media lately with their silly GIFs, colloquial captions and informal approach. And you have to admit, it's targeted so precisely for their audience.


Jenna Kutcher, a photographer from the Midwest, is a prime example of building a personal brand through a curated voice (and impeccable work!) She is encouraging, supportive, and down-to-earth, which makes her naturally personable.

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