Brand Voice 101: Why You Need One, Right Now

"The words you speak become the house you live in."


Think about the brands that you love. Not just “I would recommend this to a friend" love, but major league love.

When they post on Instagram, you always read the caption. When they release a new product line, you immediately add it to your slew of open tabs. You may have even laughed out loud (in real life) while reading their weekly newsletter.

Those brands that break through the noise and demand your attention in the best way possible.

How do they do it? How do they entertain, inform, educate and sell so effectively while making it look so effortless? And how can you do it, too?

At some point, the people behind those brands made an important decision, and continue to make that decision every time they have to come up with a caption, write a product description or send out a newsletter. They are choosing to use their brand voice.

If you didn’t just see clouds parting, hear angels singing, and feel bright rays of light shining down, just wait. You will. As soon as I explain what a brand voice is and why you desperately need one.

What is a brand voice?

A brand voice is how your brand expresses itself and speaks to its audience. It should instantly share your values and let the reader know what kind of experience they can expect from your business. 

From your website content to blog posts to your customer service emails, to be effective your brand voice must permeate every component of your overall communication strategy. 

Defining your brand voice relies heavily on determining your brand's personality and the characteristics that your audience will respond to. Even brands that are represented by a real individual must tailor their brand voice to emphasize the qualities that matter most to their target market.

Why is it important?

Though it’s not emphasized as much as the visual components of branding, a strategically defined brand voice is just as essential as a beautiful logo or color palette.

As a self-proclaimed brand voice enthusiast (read: nerd), I believe that there are an endless reasons you should develop your brand voice, but for the sake of brevity, let’s discuss five. 

Consistently great content.

While you are constantly looking at the big picture when it comes to your business’ presence on and off-line, your audience is not. They’re seeing the occasional tweet, email or blog post. That means ensuring that all of your content is consistent, on-brand and high-quality is incredibly important.


Inconsistency breeds confusion which leads to abandonment.

Sound dramatic? Maybe, but it’s true. If your audience feels like they’re hearing from a different person every time you reach out, it will be that much harder for them to build a personal connection with your brand. A cohesive voice communicates stability, trustworthiness and professionalism. 

Brand positioning.

No matter what industry you’re in, the market is likely reaching or far past the saturation point. Think about how rapidly your inbox fills up with promotional emails, or all the tweets you miss if you don’t open the application every hour. Your brand voice is a huge factor when it comes to differentiating your business online.

When a message sparks an emotional reaction or just stands out from the noise, the reader remembers it. More importantly, they remember you, and start to seek out your content instead of just breezing past it. 

Way less editing.

Having a defined brand voice in place is a huge time-saver. If you’ve ever outsourced or delegated a writing project, you know how long the editing process can take.

By providing the assignee or contractor with guidelines for how your brand communicates from the start, you cut back on that back-and-forth time considerably.

Avoids robot speak.

In other words, it humanizes you and your business. Most of us were trained to write and edit academically, not conversationally, but no one connects with an email written like a research paper.

By digging into your brand’s personality and establishing ways to express it through your messaging, you are far more likely to come off as a real human being that your audience can relate to or aspire to be like.

Interested in developing your brand voice? Schedule a strategy session to get the ball rolling!